Amida Golf Course and Teaching Academy

Amida Golf Course and Teaching Academy, Twickenham, East of England, England, TW2 5JD

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Nice little course. Quite short and quite easy. A good challenge for high handicappers. Juniors not allowed in the morning which is bummer. Tees in good condition, fairways ok and greens very average. All the holes are pretty similar so I won't be coming back to soon.

Posted by Daniel Coles on 29/06/2011

I play here regularly as its local to where I live, 9 holes after work for not much more than a tenner. Its a great beginners course, has a couple of Par 5s that are long enough and the 7th is a tricky par 4 where you can be left with a pitch shot over a tree to a rolling green which can be either very soft or pretty hard and is also protected by sizable grass mounds. The lie on the fairways can be quite tight making taking a divot tricky. The course is annexed to a large purpose built Gym/Pool/racquet sports club so has changing and bar facilities.

Posted by Mark Fedorowicz on 19/06/2008
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Overall Rating 3
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  • Clubhouse 4
  • Course challenge 2
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I leant my golf here, as I lived near-by in my teens. Was not a brilliant course at the time but a good learner one. Upon arrival this time I asked if the course problems with dogs and wlakers etc etc had been sorted. I was informed YES !!!! Please read on !!!! Paid £11 for just 9 Holes @ 4.30pm on a Sauturday in March 2006 !!!! No driving range, just putting green. 1st Hole is straight down with a very lumpy bumpy green, not good at all. 2nd Hole plays pretty much the same, although slightly longer. While playing down, there were 2 teenagers WHACKING a ball from the green back to the T !!!!!!!! 3rd Hole is Par 3 which is not bad. 4th is a par 5 which doglegs slightly left. Hit my drive to the dogleg. Started to walk up the fairway and a guy appeared from the trees on the left, up by the dogleg. To my astonishment he stooped down and picked up my ball from the fairway and carried on walking - UNBELEIVABLE !!!!! Carried on playing and 4th with a dropped ball. 5th is a Par 3. Standing on the 6th T two dogs came racing round the corner and started attacking each other just in front of me, with two owners frantically running after them !!!!!!! At this point I decided to walk in and ask for my money back. The Golf Shop was closed so went to the GYM reception who took my details. After 4 days no-one had called me so I called them up and gave them a piece of my mind. I usually play at Rusper (Near Gatwick) which for 18 extremely GOOD & TOUGH holes is only £12 at the weeknd twilight (2pm Currently) - DO NOT GO NEAR TWICKENHAM UNLESS UR AN ABSOLUTE BEGINEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mathew Frost on 21/03/2006
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Considering this is a public course, in a densely populated area and aqueezed into a relatively small space, this course provides a reasonable golfing experience for a reasonable price. The course is certainly not long (the par-4 9th is very driveable)but there is a certain variety in some of the holes which maintains ones interest. The greens are relatively small, and on the day we played were not at all receptive - necessitating numerous bump-and-run shots. The grass on the greens was also a bit long, but having said that, they were in very good condition - Amida have obviously spent some money here. The whole course has a nice 'feel' to it - plenty of mature trees and well-maintained fairways. My main gripe is the lack of 150 yardage markers - making club selection a bit of a lottery sometimes. All in all though, I must admit to being pleasantly suprised by the course. For a swift nine holes after work, on a well-maintained course, which wont break the bank - then it's ideal.

Posted by Jon & Mark GC reviews on 02/06/2005
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  • Value for money 5
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I love this course!, many of my friends got "hooked"here, it has all you want except water!, now its very upmarket in the clubhouse,but not too snobby. The players out on the course are still of the same calibre, friendly, and down to earth. Very reasonable prices, and a good view of the GYM/Swimming Pool while you have a pint !!! Will allways play here at least 4 times a year because of location/atmosphere, i even walked the new course while the landscaping and coursework was being undertaken. ENJOY...

Posted by Declan Smith on 27/02/2005

The club have just spent a fortune refurbishing this course as part of the Amida development. This means that the greens are now of a pretty high standard for a course this inexpensive (£8.50 ish). I know it's not the longest course in the world but has 2 par 5's which give it some teeth. As part of the refurb they have slightly squeezed the course to fit in the tennis courts but you only notice this at the new shortened 8th and the 9th. The 9th is a par four but a decent drive will see you on the green if you are fortunate. It's a great place to learn the game or refine it - try playing with irons only or going off the back tees. Be warned there are dog walkers and general strollers on the course as there are old rights of way. It gets busy at weekends despite the booking system and occasionally you can find people playing down your fairway having sliced their shot. BUT it is in good nick and good value for a swift 9 especially when compared to some of the prices of 18 hole courses in the area.

Posted by Simon Rider on 27/07/2004

The couse has just been refurbished, and is far better than before. Some of the greens are still a little hairy, but at £8, you won't get much better. A challenging little 9 hole course, with two decent par 5's, make this a great after work course. I would rather play here than go to a range, and it works our about the same price. As a public course there can be a few hackers holding up play, but in general you can get round in a 2 ball in less that 2 hours. I have done it solo in an hour without anyone in front. 6.30am is not for the weak, but if you can drag yourself out of bed and get down to the course early, this is in my opinion the ideal time to play, and be back for breakfast. Probably not worth traveling too far to visit, but it is a smashing little local course.

Posted by Brian Monks on 27/06/2004

I played this course 5 times over 5 days March 2003. My first impressions were spent wondering if we should park the car in the car park as there was a burnt out wreck of a car directly ouitside of the temporary clubhouse. This is no reflection on the club, these things can happen anywhere. The proprieters were extreemely friendly and very helpful. Nice people with a family feel. It is a good stop off if you are flying out of Heathrow and have a few hours to kill. I played 9 before heading off to the airport. My passport was rejected and I stopped off on the way back and managed to play 18 more. The course is interesting enough. Every hole seems distinctly different. The first two are long and forgiving. 2nd with an elevated green that can be ruinous if you go over, or if you come up too close. #3 is a par 3 over a brook which is below the Tee. I got a clear view of my of missed flight taking off. Low enough to see my empty seat. #4 Long doglegs to the left. If you are prone to slicing watch out for water and some lethal rough. There is water in play through 2,3,4. Somewhere in the first 9 is another short par 3 which is quite tough. One has to aim between two banks of trees with a stream running across the fairway. The gap here is only about 30ft wide. The green has drainage channels around the right that are waiting if you get through the trees and come up short. The bunkers were partially flooded. Greens were fast, even when wet. The final hole gives you a chance to have a good whack. But beware as 3 ft beyond the large green is out of bounds. I think the club is shut for a landscape overhaul. I was told that they should be back in action some time this spring, 2004. I am looking forward to this as I expect the course to be in tip top condition and completely different. Very inexpensive and almost empty when I was there. I loved it.

Posted by Peter Lester on 26/02/2004

Strange I played this course in 1997 and there were hole guides by each tee and it felt like a reasonable course. I recently decided to take up golf properly and have been going back since January. It seems the course has been left to go into disrepair since the driving range has been sold off for a sports complex. The reason I go back is it is local and at 7:30 on a Saturday morning it is empty. The staff in the cabin are friendly, the par 5's are long and the rough is unforgiving. However the greens are frustrating and not well kept. When putting your ball it can be heading for the hole and then it hits a patch of mud and misses the hole by inches. Also the you cannot hit the greens as the ball will always bounce though and leave you an awkward chip. It is a shame because although it is stuck between two busy roads I enjoy playing this course as it has a fair amount of wildlife (rats, squirrels, huge array of birds, and the crow lady on a Sat morning). The challange for high handicappers is if you don't hit it straight you are unlikely to hit the green with your second so chipping back to the fairway from the rough is the order of the day. If you are a high handicapper who needs 9 hole to practice your shots on a cheap (£7) course this is the one for you.

Posted by Adam on 29/05/2003

I'd love to be more positive about Twickers but it's hard to recommend a course when you hit a ball about 5 yards off the fairway and a group of kids suddenly appear offering to sell you your ball for 50p!! At the price I suppose you can't expect much but personally I'd rather spend a bit more and play a proper golf course - better options lie within a half hour's drive.

Posted by Charles Gordon on 19/03/2002

If you're looking for a PGA calibre course then it's not for you. But if you're looking for value than it's a good course. Challenging at times and the par 5's are long and tough. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the club house, but watch out for the beer can hazards. I always come back to Twickenham.

Posted by Mike on 21/02/2002

Perfectly reasonable course. Nothing much in the way of tee signs which makes navigation a little tricky. Greens in a good condition considering the poor weather there had been recently. Driving range v. basic.

Posted by John on 12/12/2001

This course has gone really downhill. Burnt out cars and drunks sleeping by the fourth green are not a good advert. I won't be playing here again.

Posted by MO on 08/08/2001

OK course - The greens could be better and the fairways often have patches of rough on - but I always return as it is good value for money.

Posted by J on 08/11/1999

Excellent value - nothing startling about it but convenient and friendly.

Posted by Joe on 28/05/1999

More public golf courses like twickers

Posted by richard on 07/09/1997

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