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‘Les Bordes’ Golf International, Orleans, France, 41220

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This, in my opinion, is the best golf course in Europe. The Peugeot Golf Guide rates it joint first (19/20), but let's not quibble. 100 Euros per person buys you the greatest round of golf you are ever likely to have. We were able to spend an amazing 5 hours on our round (including feeding the Coy Carp) because there was no-one else on the course - 12 holes have water in play those without water have bunkers 100 yards long! Oh and it's been created in a forest. Two club pros, an eleven handicapper and myself lost 22 balls between us, even with six birdies our best member finished 2 over par! If you want to challenge yourself this is the place to be, and they are confident of their reputation. The course record is held by Jean Van der Veld at 1 under par. You have a choice of five tee positions. They will put your name on an Honour Board in the locker room if you score below 80 off the White Tees. You get listed in their 'Livre D'Or' in the Clubhouse if you finish with the same ball you started with. Even the putting green is 3000 sq metres. We drove from Norwich, played a round and came back again in 28 hours without sleep, what's the first thing I do when I get home? Write this review - it's that good. Now for bed, Good Night.

Posted by Mat Wayne on 18/04/2006
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Les Bordes is without doubt one of the most amazing golf experiences going. There are no simple holes, water abounds and where there is none there are bunkers the size of small towns. This course deserves its rating as No.2 in europe, I haven't played Valderrama so couldn't comment on its No.1 position. Take a camera, take LOTS of balls (only 5 people have completed a round from the White Tees without losing a ball!) and enjoy the experience.

Posted by Andy Clarke on 27/11/2003

I just came back from a memorable golf weekend at Les Bordes. I have been travelling around the world as golf journalist and passionate golfer. My new top ten is: 1.) Les Bordes followed by... Pepple Beach, Tryall, Royal Westmoreland, Tierra del Sol, The Governers, White Whitch, Ballybunion, Adare Manor and Fancourt. A MUST FOR EVERY GOOD GOLFER!!!

Posted by Oliver Fuchs on 25/09/2002

Played this course last month, and it is absolutely excellent. I can't recommend it highly enough. The course is a real test, plenty of water to avoid and the greens are superb and extremely quick. For £40 it is unbelievable value for money. If you go to France to play golf, make sure you play this course.

Posted by Darren Bailey on 04/09/2001

Played this course a few weeks back, and its the best i've ever played. There are a lot of water hazards, and having played it after constant rain for 3 weeks i couldn't believe the condition of the course. I've never played on better greens, and at 60 quid it puts Wentworth to shame. Its a beautiful course, and with a course record of -1, it certainly isn't easy. The place will impress you from the minute you lay eyes on the putting green.

Posted by Chris Carter on 29/05/2001

I am a nine handicap player and have played a wide selection of courses both in the UK and on mainland europe and I have to say that this is the most beautiful and most demanding test of golf I have undertaken! This includes a jaunt round carnoustie off the back tees. If you get the chance, do not let it slip by. Oh, a tip,TAKE PLENTY OF BALLS and A CAMERA.

Posted by [email protected] on 29/01/2001

This is one of the best courses that you could possibly wish to play.It is among the top courses in Europe. It was in excellent condition, and I would have to say that it is great value for the standard of course it is. If it was situated in Spain or Portugal, it would cost much more to play.

Posted by [email protected] on 15/03/2000

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