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Bearsted Golf Club, Maidstone, South East, England, ME14 4PQ

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I've been a member of Bearsted for 12 years and know the club very well. The golf club is set back from the busy Ashford road and provides ample parking for members and visitors. The staff in the clubhouse are very helpful. Getting down to the important business, the golf course is a nice challenge for the average golfer. Starting and ending with a par 3, the 18 hole course is nicely balanced. The back 9 is certainly more scenic than the front 9 with many undulating fairways. For a long hitter there are a couple of drive-able par fours which always makes it exciting. The grounds keepers genuinely do a great job, the greens are almost always in top condition and the fairways are maintained nicely. The rough is long in places which can be frustrating at times, however all part and parcel of the game. Even as a member of the club, I regret to say I have come across multiple counts of pretentious behaviour from other members of the club. However over my 12 years there is guess it works out to be quite a rarity, and I just now avoid conversing with certain members anyway. Overall, it's certainly worth the money to play at Bearsted, whether it be for 18 holes or a membership. Regarding the nearby courses of the Ridge, Cobtree and Tudor Park it is in a different class.

Posted by Phil on 06/08/2011

As a member, I feel the course, the greens, the clubhouse, and the catering are all excellent. The scenic course is a good challenge with many interesting holes. The staff and members are very friendly and welcoming. The club welcome visitors. Do not be put off by the 2008 review as hopefully the "brusque" members have left, and all building work is long since finished.

Posted by Tony on 27/06/2011

Played on a weekday the other day on the Nov to Feb deal and left with some sharply contrasting feelings. The course - a tale of two halves. The front 9 is pretty standard, though well maintained but is very close to the M20 motorway and hence rather noisy. On top of that, on the day we were there the club were in the process of having a large building constructed (for the maintenance equipment i assume). Playing past the roofers and the cable laying machine, one felt under-dressed without a hard hat. The back 9 on the other hand is rather lovely, making excellent use of some undulating terrain and water, the two par fives being particularly fine - very pleasant. The greens - I know a couple of members at Bearsted and they have described the great efforts put into the greens and how proud the Club are of them. Alas, a frost in the morning put us on the temporary greens, even for a 12.20 start. They did look excellent though. The facilties - No driving range, but has got warm up nets. Very nice clubhouse and staff very friendly. Unfortunately the group behind us, members as it happens, were brusque to rather beyond the point of rudeness about the speed of our play. Considering our 3ball finished in 3hrs 40, including time to let them play through, I found their attitude spoiled my enjoyment of the round.

Posted by Hacker on 29/02/2008

This is a great course - shame for visitors that they can only play with members on weekends (but good for members i guess). I thought the course was in excellent condition even though the weather wasn't too good. There are some very challenging holes and i wouldnt reccomend to anyone suffering with a chronic slice. The par fives are particulary good as they all make good use of the land - dog-legs and undulating fairways are plenty. Also the course seems well spaced out, with few holes running parallel and more of an 'in and out' feel.

Posted by Owen Mills on 20/10/2004

this cource is all ways in emaculate condition with a high standard of play with welcoming members and staff definatly a cource a would recomend

Posted by Jack Highsted on 08/07/2003

Our new club house is now complete. We have new USPGA spec: greens and the course is a real challenge, requiring accurate tee shots and it is a (right handers) slicer's nightmare, with trouble on the right on nearly every hole. BGC was the first full length 18 hole golf club in the UK to start and finish with a par 3. I doubt that you will have room to print this, but here is a guide to a perfect round! The first is particularly daunting off the medal tee. One slice and your ball is out of bounds and could be on the way to Paris, courtesy of Network Rail. If you find the green, make sure you are below the hole, everything slopes from left to right and it is easy to ruin a round with 3 putts or more! A ridge on the second gives a blind tee shot with OOB on the left and trees on the right. Use the steps to spot that the fairway slopes left to right, which is just as well, because a tee shot hit too far left is either out of play, or requires a high shot in over a nastly placed silver birch. In the summer a pitch and run 2nd is required, as the ball rarely holds if hit with more than a 9 iron. The third, was a par 5 and for most people it still is. An accurate 3rd shot is the only solution. Next is another long par 4, usually into the prevailing wind. OOB all the way down the right. Aim at the right edge of the left hand bunker and a skipping ball will find the green. The 5th requires a long and accurate tee shot, OOB on the right, acts like a magnet for even a low handicap golfer. The second shot plays longer than it looks. The 6th is a relatively easy par 5, if you can avoid the OOB the right. Best to aim up the left with every shot, even your putts fall towards the stream. A hard green to stop your ball on, in the summer. An uphill, then down hill 7th requires a long tee shot or you will never make the green. A saddle protects the green from a pitch and run shot. There is OOB on the left of this hole, just for a change! The 8th is a lovely par 3, anything from a 7 iron to a 3 wood, depending on the wind diection. A high shot that drops vertically is all you need! Better to be long than short as it is difficult to judge distance if you have an uphill second shot. Our 9th is the ruin of many a medal card. OOB on the left and a pond on the far right. The green is a saucer and slopes from back to front. You will need a long tee shot over the left hand oak tree if you want to be in the centre of the fairway. The 10th is often your first hole, depending on your start time. A par 4 between the two trees in the distance, some have driven the green, but most will slice or hook their way down. If you are protecting your card, use a 5 iron and a 9 iron. Don't overhit your second. The ball will fall off the back of the green. The 11th is a magnificant looking hole (photo attached), with a high teeing position, requiring a drive between two ponds and over a stream. Hit it left to right, but don't slice it! Our 12th has been lengthened and most cannot reach it in two. Hit your drive slightly too far right and it will find a pond, cunningly hidden from the tee. Hit left and you will find the fairway bunkers. Your second should be a right to left shot to thread through more bunkers guarding the hole against low straight shots. On the 13th don' t be tempted to cut the R to L dog-leg off. Aim at the middle of the two humps in the distance and the slope of the fairway will bring your ball around towards the hole. However, you may still be rewarded with a ball below your feet, second shot. A bit of course management comes in handy on this par 5. It is often best to lay up short of the fairway bunkers with your second and hit an 8 or 9 iron in. Our 14th is actually easier off the medal tee because you can see where you are aiming on this long par 4. Off the yellow tees, aim at the bunker to the left of the green. The fair way slopes left to right and a good shot hit down the middle will find a bunker that you did not know was there. Keep right of the pin with your approach shot. The 15th is a down hill tee shot, with a stream to collect too well a hit driver. From then on it is all up hill on this difficult par 5. Your second shot must find the flat area in the centre of the fairway. Your third shot should be aimed left of the hole and you will need to take one more club that you think. A par 3 16th follows, and most golfers will miss the green, either long left or short right. The green slopes from back to front and it is difficult to read the side slope. An up hill par 4 17th will make your heart pound before you reach your ball, for a second that should be played to the left of the flag. The 18th is a tricky par 3. Down hill for the first 80% of the way and OOB on both sides, if you overhit it. Into the wind it could be a 3 wood, with the wind, a 7 iron. Come and try our course. You will love it.

Posted by Malcolm Lambert on 06/04/2003

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