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Ten66 Golf Club, Hastings, South East, England, TN33 0NL

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A truely unforgiving course especially for the long driver (like me!), if you are slightly off target and find the woodland and bushes that line every hole then you can forget about trying to find it. Some of the views are stunning and will get your fitness levels up if play it every week. Played 9 holes of the 18 and many shots and a few lost balls later came away happy but convinced can do better next time, is hilly in the extreme and control is the word of the day with this course recommend it to anyone wanting a challenge

Posted by Daniel McLaren on 19/07/2005
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I have played this course many times over the years, and used to regard it as perhaps the best course i have ever played, it is certainly the toughest. Well, i did was when it was known as the Beauport. Yes, the awesome Beauport, that course that was reknowned for miles, the course that people would drive over 300 miles to play, the course that would humble pro golfers and be affectionately known as the Cardiac Course, such was its toughness, character and design. I played the other day, my first visit in 6 months, and spent most of the round wading through mud so deep that it went over my shoes, the grass on some fairways is over 5 inches long, the greens are absolutely terrible, putting is a lottery. Everywhere is covered in tyre tracks, some 4 inches deep. On 18 i literally could not address the ball without sliding down the hill. The temp tees are miles out of level and covered in slime. I finished the round covered head to foot in mud, having lost 9 balls without leaving the fairway once. It really is that bad. After the round i asked some members what had happened to this once great course, (before the clubhouse closed at 4pm). Apparently, a while ago new management took over, who have not the knowledge, experience or funding to maitain the course. The members did not express this quite so politlely, and i dont think i would either had i spent hundreds on membership. Over the last 6 months the Beauport has been killed off, and in its place now stand a rotting unkept swamp known as the 1066.

Posted by A Non on 05/02/2005

this is a supreme test of fitness let alone golf. hills/mountains and how is the 17th stroke index 5, this must be one of the hardest par 4's in the uk and I've played the road hole.

Posted by Owen Neville on 16/10/2004

Having only ever played a 9-hole golf course just half a dozen times we made the bold step of "graduating" to this 18 hole effort and my word what an epic day it was. Living locally as I do, I have often heard the course described as being "hilly" but what I was presented with went way beyond "hilly" - it is "positively mountainous". I agree with the comment earlier about the first few holes lulling you into a sense of false security, it certainly does that. The course itself is challenging but great fun and even for a beginner is well worth a visit providing you are prepared for a long stay and some serious walking. There are long drives galore as each hole twists itself through trees. After the first 2 holes, on which you can still hear the nearby road, you swing round deep into the county side and for most holes its just you, your clubs and the fairways. Some of the views are amazing as you can see for miles and miles. As the earlier comments alluded to, the terrain is something else - think Grand Canyon, think Rocky Mountains, think Ben Nevis and then think of this golf course. On the famous 17th fairway on the approach to the green I am sure I passed some golfing skeletons laid on the ground with a rusty club still stubbornly clasped in their hand, these being the skeletons of lesser people who succumbed to the climb and haven't made it home yet. So all in all a great course and well worth a visit. Remember to bring a drink and lots of it. Oh and a sleeping bag, hiking boots, camping stove............

Posted by Adam Cooke on 10/05/2004

This is a unique course. Some of the shots you will never play anywhere else in the country. It is a real test of golf and if the weather is good very enjoyable. The welcome was very friendly, San Miguel on draft and cheap food. My only gripe, and this is a big gripe, was the greens were in awful condition. They were that bad it made putting a lottery and if you need any part of a course to be in good condition it is the greens. Personally I would play this course again but not why the greens are so poor. In their defense they have recently had their equipment stolen but maybe they should think of dropping the green fee until the greens recover.

Posted by Barry Jenkinson on 18/09/2003

I have been playing golf for twenty years, and have still yet to find a better course. This course is a beast and unless you treat it with respect that it definately deserves it will chew you up and spit you out. This is in no way a casual stroll on a Sunday afternoon. The first four holes can lull you into a false sense of security, then you round the corner to 5, and you begin to realise what this course has in store for you, some of these holes will be imprinted on your mind forever. You are forced into thinking about every shot, every shot is different, and every shot is a joy. A true golfers course that will expose any weakness of your swing and mentality. Fantastic!!

Posted by Richard Long on 09/07/2003

A very up and down scenic course, which demands your best shots if you want to score well. Not for the unfit, but very enjoyable non the less.

Posted by Lonnie Faulkner on 18/07/2002

To put it bluntly this is this best course I have ever played on (inc. PGA courses) The course is immensely varied , very well maintained and located in stunning countryside.The greens are good and you definately know you have played 18 holes at the end. It is quite tough though due to the hills and slopes and good shots are needed!

Posted by rob newton on 12/07/2001

Very demanding coures, you know you have done 18 holes at the end.

Posted by on 08/11/1999

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